Sunday, November 30, 2008

Paris, France (9/9)

Arc of Triumph.

Eiffel Tower.

Below it.

We are going up to the TOP of the WORLD.

At Level 2.

One Word, ' Stunned'.

TOP of the WORLD.


Took around 3k stairs down.


From afar.

I am so so far away from Family & Friends.
Miss all of you!

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Marseille, France (8/9)

Right Outside the Train Station.

Mezzo di Pasta.

One Word..'Jeng'.

Tze Khee's 'V' trademark.

These two buildings once heavily guarded the prosperous port.

It is still an important port now.

Night view. (9pm, still freaking bright)

Final stop...PARIS!!

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Monte-Carlo, Monaco (7/9)

Second Smallest Country. (after Vatican City)

Around twice the size of NTU. (maybe even smaller)

Streets of Monte Carlo.

Playground for the SUPER RICH. (Ferrarris & Lambos are common here)

The tunnel for F1-Monte Carlo.

F1 Racing Strips.

There is even a beautiful beach.

Outside of Grand Casino. pit stop at Marseille, France.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Nice, France (5/9-6/9)

'Nice' Streets

Tze Khee said the Baguette look like our leg wor...(baka..)

Cote d'Azur (the so-called nude beach)

For untrained eye, you can never see what we saw! (muahaha..)

'Nice' beach really nice...!

Dash for sea....(gogogo..)

Wah, so big wave meh?

No worries.. we are tough!

Eh...Seng and Joe ler?(wondered Tze Khee)

Muahaha..cant even make it through the 1st wave..

" Go again.."(said Seng)

"I do the kung fu horse stance first!"

"Eh, Joe ler?"

"I give up lar..So BIG ger the WAVE" (Seng)

"Seng ler?" (Me)


" Very Syokzzz ar...."

"Lets do it again.."(the waves were freaking big..)

"Yes...the 1st wave.."

"Here comes the 2nd one.."

After a few tumbles and spins..I still managed to flash the 'V' sign..(muahaha..)

Lose already..the wave just too big and strong.."DAMN"

Drank a few mouthfull of sea water tim..

I gave up already.

Bloody Beautiful.

Nice is a really nice place for summer.

Another place that I want to come back.
Next Stop, F1 Monte Carlo.

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